How Did You Vote in November of 2016?
Tally as of September 2018

Under investigation for 18 months

38 Indictments
8 convicted or pleaded guilty

Under investigation for 38 months

0 Indictments
0 Convictions

The Trump Administration after less than 2 years is already the most corrupt administration this country has ever had.

Are you happy with the choice you made?

Paul Manafort- Pleaded guilty to 2 counts and convicted on 8 counts
George Papadopoulos- Pleaded guilty
Samuel Patten- Pleaded guilty
Michael Cohen- Pleaded guilty
Michael Flynn- Pleaded guilty
Rick Gates- Pleaded guilty
Alex Ven der Zwaan- Pleaded guilty
Richard Pinedo- Pleaded guilty

Stay tuned, this list will most certainly grow until it includes cadet bone spurs himself.

Soooo many people said to me: "Both candidates are bad, so I'm not voting for either." or they said: "I don't like either one, but Trump can't be as bad as Clinton."

And now I am soooo pissed off.
How could Americans have been so ignorant?
How could they have not seen this coming?

My new mantra: Not all Republicans are racists, but all racists are Republicans! So who do you want to associate yourself with?

This November, get out and vote-